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Services We Provide

Next level Electrostatic Disinfectant services for residential, commercial and government properties. Our cleaning technology is hands-free with 360 degree coverage on all surfaces. We disinfect your property on a level regular companies can’t.

You clean your home, or have it cleaned for you, but is your home truly clean?

We think of our homes as the “safe place”, but is it truly? Bacteria, viruses and even pest debris can be present on every surface in your home and remain there until those surfaces or objects are disinfected. Standard cleaning products and cleaning methods leave behind viruses and other harmful bacteria. They do not truly disinfect and ultimately viruses end up being spread around your home more when trying. Having a pathogen free environment for yourself, your children and pets is essential to your and their health.

Regular treatment from Eco Sterilize eradicates bacteria, viruses, mold, pest debris, allergens, dander, pollen and more in your home. Our disinfection and sanitizer solution is gentle, does not require wiping or rinsing, and is not irritating to yours or your pets’ eyes and nose and safe for all surface objects.

Education Facility Treatments

Children’s health matters. In education and daycare facilities, the exposure to transmissible diseases is high, especially during cold and flu season. Close contact among children who have not yet learned good hygiene, coupled with facilities that use the “spray and wipe” methods to clean and sanitize allow viruses and bacteria to spread.

Eco Sterilize is utilizes patented electrostatic technology to apply an all natural, non-bleach, EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant with no lingering odor, no residue, and no rinsing needed after application. Regular treatment from Simply Sanitize eliminates viruses, bacteria and meets Canada and US CDC criteria with label claims for non-enveloped viruses (e.g. norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus) to disinfect environmental surfaces and objects inside education centers.

Commercial Disinfection

COVID-19 Disinfection & Standard Disinfection & Sanitizing Treatment

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late

Industries include:

Restaurants, Hospitals, Day Spas, Fitness Centers, Nail Salons, Medical Offices, Emergency Waiting Rooms, Office Buildings, Car Dealerships, Children’s Play Zones, Jails and Detention Centers, Ambulances, Movie Theaters, Public Transportation Fleets, Sports Arenas, Aircraft, Grocers and more.

Large scale treatments are quick and convenient with coverage of up to 60,000 square feet per hour. Hours of treatment & operations are 24 hours a day to meet clients operational schedules. COVID-19 and standard Disinfection & Sterilizing Treatments are fast & safe. Eradicating over 20 different strains of Viruses, Bacteria and Pathogens, Eco Sterilized is Edmonton and surrounding area #1 Commercial Workplace Disinfection Service Company.

We offer disinfection and sanitizing solutions for a broad range of businesses and commercial enterprises. No job is too big or too small.

Protect your customers, protect your employee’s, protect your business. Schedule an Immediate Preventive Disinfection Today. (780)804-0115


Combining the Best Of 2 Modern Cleaning Technologies

What Are Victory Complete Sprayers?

Victory Complete Electrostatic Sprayers are making headlines and becoming the new standard in infection control. Victory is dedicated to providing the tools that make our hospitals, schools, and communities safer. This technology is currently being used to better contain the Corona virus and keep homes and businesses safer.

What Is Vital Oxide Cleaning Solution?

Vital Oxide is EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and odor eliminator. Vital Oxide’s formula is non-irritating to the skin. Non-corrosive to most treated articles and NSF certified (No rinse required) for food contact surfaces. When made ready to use, Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria, including E.coli, Salmonella in less than 60 sec.

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