Our Family

Vision Statement: Brite Star Productions is a family of creative people coming together with the purpose of providing inspirational, informative, entertaining, and challenging stories to families around the world. Our goal is to make a better tomorrow through storytelling using exciting visions and sounds.

Executive Team

Jeff Zucker (Owner)

Jeff has a hybrid B.Sc. degree from the Ohio State University where he studied Architecture, Engineering, and Administrative Science culminating in a degree in Project Management. Most of his career has been as a self-employed general contractor. In 2000 he was the recipient of a California grant to study new materials for thermal insulation. He was co-producer of What’s Up? a TV show that featured a young Orthodox Jewish rabbi and a young Episcopalian minister who interviewed local celebrities and business people about newsworthy issues.

Patti Zucker (Visionary Founder and Owner)

Patti Zucker (Founder and Owner) – Patti was a People’s Choice Award winner for a multicultural children’s video called Bright Like a Rainbow. Patti is a songwriter, TV producer, and now is working in the field of animation. Her current project is another multicultural children’s video called Benny and the Cosmic Light Bearers. Her production company is called Brite Star Productions which has interests in animation, music, theatrical performance, books, and film.

Natalia Chai (Operations/Sound Manager)

Natalia is an independent, solo singer-songwriter and recording artist and also a community pharmacist by trade. 4 years into the local music scene of Edmonton, Natalia already has 2 albums, 4 singles, an upcoming single to be released in the month of June. She has had numerous local and international performing opportunities notably the 2018 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival. Skilled on the piano and keyboard, Natalia has been featured on other artists’ projects, and has expanded into writing and producing soundtracks in the film industry. Natalia utilizes her healthcare, music and creative platforms as a proud community partner with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to advocate for mental health initiatives, awareness and empowerment for the youth in our communities.

Supporting Team

Brad Trofin

Animator Director

Kate Leighton

Senior Brand/Marketing Manager

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